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Permanency of Marriage


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Dear Friend,

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. We live in a time when the family kingdoms under God are being destroyed. Men and women have been deceived into believing the lie that they may freely divorce and remarry. God's word stresses that once we marry, we are married until death do us part.

This booklet is a compilation of newsletter articles on what the Savior has revealed on the permanency of marriage. The understanding of this message may involve making major changes in your life. We pray that His Way is revealed to you.

We know it is the adversary's job to cause feelings of discouragement, hopelessness, desperation and anger. He likes to cause people to make rash, forced decisions for which they may later pay dearly. He tells them that they must ACT NOW!

The work of the Holy Spirit is not like this. His purpose is to reveal sin that needs to be dealt with, that a person might have abundant life. He will convict only for the purpose of showing God's divine standard and encouraging us to desire that standard in our lives. The fact that He shows us our sin is evidence of God's great love for us.

Therefore, if you feel condemned, hopeless or helpless upon reading this message, or compelled to act rashly, know that this is not God.

I cannot tell you how the Holy Spirit will direct you. I only know it will always be consistent with the Word of God, but uniquely patterned for you. However He directs you (and it may be hard) it will be with a deep, inward peace and conviction that this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Our prayers are with you.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Embassy of Heaven Church
Paul Revere, Pastor

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