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Help for home educators

As citizens of Heaven, we are educating our children under the government of Jesus Christ, not the state. But the state can be persistent in demanding that all children be enrolled in school.

It is often helpful in overcoming these officials if we are affiliated with a school. If the state wants our children registered in school, we'll register them - but we'll register them under the jurisdiction that we belong to - Heaven. We'll show these officials evidence that our children are enrolled in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. By giving to those who ask, we hope to turn the battle away at the gate.

Questions and Answers

Who is eligible for enrollment in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School?

Any school-age child of a parent or guardian who has given allegiance to Jesus Christ and declares citizenship in Heaven.

Does the Embassy of Heaven Christian School provide a specific curriculum?

No, we leave curriculum to the discretion of the parents. Parents, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, tailor their child's individual learning program.

What is the advantage of enrolling my child in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School?

The school provides written evidence that your child is being educated under the authority of Jesus Christ, through His holy nation of Heaven. When parents have documents that show their child is enrolled in a school, much strife and persecution is avoided.

What services does Embassy of Heaven Christian School provide?

  1. Enrollment letter, sealed by Embassy of Heaven, showing child is registered in school.
  2. Photo identification card for student.
  3. Transfer of student records from previous school.

Record Transfers

If your child has previously attended a public or private school, we can remove the child's student records from the school. Parents complete the Request for Student Record and we forward the completed form to the school specified.

It's not too late to register your children in our School. The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is open to families who claim citizenship in Heaven. For more information, go to Student Enrollment.

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