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Home educated students register with Church not state

Those of us who are seeking to raise a child in the Way of the Lord often encounter a roadblock - the state's compulsory education laws. Parents who do not comply with these laws are often uneasy about what might happen when school officials find out their child is not enrolled in any school. We have been given a solution that often turns back the battle at the gate (Isaiah 28:6). Parents register their child in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. Then, when the local authorities question the child's education, the parents show evidence that the child is registered in a school. Having the child's education supervised by a schooling authority, often prevents the state from moving ahead with charges against the parents. Showing school registration documents has stopped the state from sending parents to jail and the child to a foster home.

The state assumes the responsibility of seeing that all children are educated in the ways of the world so that they will be productive members of society. State laws require that school age children be registered in school. In some states, the school district will grant the parents a privilege to educate their children at home - on the condition that the home school is registered with them. But even with a home school, the state wants to maintain supervision and control.

What is a citizen of Heaven to do? If the state wants the children registered in school, we'll register them. But we will not put our children's education under the supervision of the state - we are the ones responsible to God for raising our children in the Way they are to go. We register them with the authority that we are under - Jesus Christ, through His Church. We register them in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. We register our children, not because we are subject to the state's laws, but out of consideration for our weaker brethren. We love them, and don't want to cause them to stumble. The weaker brethren believe that all children must be registered in school. They want the children's education to be supervised - and they do not believe parents are qualified.

Registering with the Embassy of Heaven Christian School fulfills the supervisory requirements of their law. The child is registered in school. Now the only argument left is who you registered with? Are we compelled to register with a foreign government when we are citizens of Heaven? Now we throw the argument into a Kingdom issue. Are we not free to serve Jesus Christ and His Kingdom?

The Embassy of Heaven Christian School registration procedure is simple. The parents request a school enrollment for their child. We send them the enrollment form, they fill it out and send it back to the Church. We return a letter, sealed by the Church, saying that the child has been accepted as a student in the Embassy of Heaven Christian school.

The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is different from the other schools, right at its foundation. We operate under the authority of God, not under any state-granted privilege. Parents are the teachers and the learning program is based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The children do not gather in a central place like typical modern schools. We actually teach the children in a home setting, but it is not a "home school." The reason it is not a "home school" is because that term has special meaning under state statutes and denotes a privilege by the state. So we are not a "home school," even though the education is carried out in the home. It is an extension of the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. If anyone challenges the education of their child in their home, they are to respond, "My child is enrolled in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School."

Giving to those who ask

When parents have documents that show their child is enrolled in a school, much strife and persecution is avoided. For instance there was a man who was thrown in jail for contempt of court. The judge said, "You're staying in jail until you register your home school with the state or enroll your children in school." A friend of his, who knew about our school, sent us enrollment requests and we sent back the acceptance documents. The judge looked at the enrollment documents and said to the parent, "You're out of here." And he was released from jail.

We had another instance where a man was being threatened with jail if he did not register his home school. He went to court and told the judge, "All four of my children have been registered in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School." The judge declared the matter was moot and closed the proceedings against him. All the dogs were pulled off and he did not go to jail.

Last year we had a 13 year old girl who was going to be sent to a foster home. She was enrolled in public school and was having truancy problems. The school district was building a case to justify sending her to a foster home. Her doctor, neighbors and teachers were all making affidavits against her, instead of trying to help her work out her problems. She panicked and fled half way across the country to her grandparents. The grandparents immediately enrolled her in the local public school. After one day, the child ran away. When she showed up again at the grandparents, she said she wasn't going back to school. She wanted to be taught at home. She agreed not to run away if she did not have to go back to public school.

The grandparents got in touch with us and enrolled her in our School. Meanwhile, because she had enrolled in the public school, the school file carrying the information on sending her to a foster home was sent to the local school. The local school wasted no time in proceeding ahead with the action against the girl. The case that had been built against her in Oregon followed her to the new school in the midwest. The grandparents found themselves in the midst of a custody battle. They arrived in court with the school enrollment documents from the Church and the case was dropped. The local school authorities did not have jurisdiction to proceed ahead since she was no longer enrolled in one of their schools.

Another service of the Embassy of Heaven Christian School is requesting records from the school your child has previously been attending. We did this for the 13-year old girl mentioned above and the public school sent them. The following year, the girl returned to live with her parents and was again enrolled in public school. The public school requested her records from the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. We knew there were many incriminating documents in the school file so we notified the parents and held a hearing. The child and her Mother were able to review the file and destroy or amend any documents that were objectionable. The amended file was then sent to the public school. The hearsay information and false testimony was removed from the record and the girl was able to start the year with a fresh slate.

These are true stories. And they work. The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is a place where parents can educate their children in the home. The parents act as teachers. They do not have to be certified by the state, because the Church is not under the authority of the state. The Church remains separate at all times. The Church can retrieve records from public schools and get them out of the control of the state. These records, once they are under the Church's control, become the Church's responsibility and we can clean up those files if necessary.

There are many of us who are trying to make a Christian stand, a separation from the worldly powers. We can use the Embassy of Heaven Christian School as an avenue to relieve some of the persecution. The School registration documents provide written evidence of who our Lord is and where our authority comes from. Having something in writing makes it easier for others to see that there is more than one jurisdiction. The state is not the only one on the block. Christ shed His blood so that we can be freed from the state - so that we can be free from the worldly powers and the worldly ways. His blood does not need to be shed again. His blood is done once and for all. And He was raised up, and He is raised up in us.

As another example, a family spent several months traveling from state to state preaching the good news of Christ's kingdom. One day the police stopped them and hauled their Dad off to jail. Then social workers and sheriff's deputies tried to seize the children. The school enrollment papers were shown - but the officers just scoffed at them. Social workers spent the next 2- 1/2 hours attempting to take the children. Their Mother just set her mind on Christ as her Protector and confessed Him: "The children and I will not be separated in any way by your social services department. We have committed no crime and are being detained illegally. We have nothing to do with the state and the state has nothing to do with us. We belong to Christ and His Church." The officers immediately left off their intimidations and did not take the children.

Presenting school enrollment documents is often all that is necessary to satisfy most people. But sometimes officials may just scoff at them - then that piece of paper is not enough. We must show our conviction. If we stand in faithfulness to Him, He will give us words and wisdom that none of our adversaries will be able to resist or contradict (Luke 21:15).

The problem that most of us are having is that we clean out the house, we clean out the wickedness, but we forget to invite in the good spirits. That is what the Embassy of Heaven Christian School is about. It replaces the wickedness of the world's ways with something good, so that there is no place for the evil to get a stronghold. If they want our children in school, we'll enroll them in a school - but it will be Christ's school.

The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is just as real as their school. We perform the same function, except we do it better - we do it in the Lord's way. We don't waste time having children memorize state capitols. Instead, we teach them about Christianity, the New Testament, the New Covenant - how to love one another. The things that are meat, the things that count. We don't clutter up our children's brains with things of the world that have no relevance to their lives.

Once your child is enrolled in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School, you need to teach him or her how to answer questions from those who are curious about their schooling. "What school do you go to, child?" The child responds, "Embassy of Heaven Christian School." And no suspicion is raised. But it is easy to forget and say, "I go to home school." Now the casual questioner becomes suspicious. "Oh you do?" and they begin checking you out. "You go to home school, huh? Who teaches you? Does the state approve of it? Does the local school know about this?" They might ask hundreds of questions that are none of their business, but your child has already opened up the door. Keep the door closed by saying, "I go to Embassy of Heaven Christian School."

When you are going out during normal school hours, you might be asked why your child is not in school. Just tell them you're on a field trip. You don't have to hide in the corners. Carry on a normal life style. Use the words the people have been programmed to understand and you will find that these people will not pry into your business. By telling them your child is enrolled in a school, their mind is set at ease.

If they want to know where the Embassy of Heaven Christian School is, you can give them one of two places. You can tell them that it is based out of Sublimity, Oregon. Or, give them the address of your home, since that is where the education is occurring. They probably won't go any further than that. It is none of their business. It is the Lord's business. Most people are just curious. When they hear the word school, their mind is reassured that everything is normal. "Why is your child out here when she should be in school?" They are confused, help them out. If you can settle their mind and ease their conscience, then you can go on your way. I believe we bring much of the persecution upon ourselves. Every man ought to have the Word for everything he does. Give to those who ask. Unfortunately, the world is made up of meddlers and snoops - people who have nothing better to do. But give them a hand, settle their mind. Then you can go on your way and do the Lord's work quietly without being harassed.

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