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Demands of World vs Christ


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I believe that the sole meaning of my life lies in living by that light which is within me, and in not hiding it under a bushel but holding it high before men that they may see it. And this belief gives me fresh strength to fulfil Christ's teaching, and destroys those hindrances which formerly blocked my path.

A Christian knows the truth only to show it to others, and most of all to those near him and bound to him by ties of relationship and friendship, and a Christian can show the truth by not falling into the error others have fallen into, by not ranging himself either on the side of the attackers or on the side of the defenders, but by giving all to others and showing by his life that he wants nothing except to fulfil the will of God, and that he fears nothing except to depart from that will. A Christian cannot impart that knowledge to men otherwise than by refraining from the error in which those dwell who do him evil, and by returning good for evil. And that alone is the whole business of a Christian's life, and its whole meaning, which death cannot destroy.

In which way then is it safer, more reasonable, and more joyous to live: according to the world's teaching or according to Christ's?

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