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What happens when you travel down the road with Kingdom of Heaven License plates? What do you do if the car is towed away? How do you become licensed to drive under the highest authority? Find out the actual experiences of those who travel under Heaven's authority in the book, Licensed by Heaven.



Kingdom of Heaven Driver License

Heaven Driver License

Vehicle Certificate of Title

Heaven Vehicle Certificate of Title

Heaven License Plates

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  • Introduction 5
  • Residency 7
    • Understanding residency 7
    • Leaving residency with Egypt 15
    • Coming Out of Egypt 17
    • Should man be ruled by God's law or whims of man? 22
  • Heaven Documents 23
    • Heaven issues Driver Licenses 23
    • State does not regulate Church 27
    • Overcoming State jurisdiction 30
    • Vehicle Certificate of Title 32
    • Seal of Antichrist 39
    • Heaven Driver License 39
    • Purchasing a vehicle for Heaven 47
    • Higher cause than safety 48
    • Marks of residency 50
  • Junkers for Heaven 51
    • Store Treasures in Heaven 52
    • Taking the Fear out of Losing a Car 55
  • Questions and Answers 59
    • Driver License 59
    • Vehicles 64
    • Insurance 65
    • Ambassadors for Christ 67
    • We use the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven 67
  • Heaven Road Report 69
    • Heaven's Ambassador confounds border patrol 69
    • No citations 70
    • Traveling ambassador loses home 71
    • Police Officer May Join Us in Jail 72
  • Request Forms 75


May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Many of us hear the call to come out of Egypt. We quit participating with the world system lest we share in her sins and receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4). We cleanse every area of our lives. We close out bank accounts and pay off credit cards. We take our children out of their schools. We quit corporate jobs and labor without a social security number. For the most part we sever all these ties with the world system and go unnoticed. Most of us are left to live at peace.

However, as we examine our connections with Egypt, there is one area where the world system still bullies us. And that is over driver licenses and vehicle registrations. This seemingly trivial area is not costly in terms of financial outlay - it only costs a few dollars a year to maintain a State driver license. Nor do the burdens seem heavy. Nevertheless, having a State driver license connects us with the world order as certainly as a bank account or social security number.

The State driver license and vehicle registration are different from other ties with the world order in one major way. When we do not acquire these items, the system notices - and they are angry. Try driving down the street with no driver license and no license plates on your car. When you are stopped by the police - and it is inevitable that you will be stopped - you probably will go to jail. The reason? You cannot show the officer that you have permission to use the highways.

Anyone operating the controls of an automobile is expected to have a grant of permission from a licensing authority. That grant of permission is in the form of a driver license. If you do not have a driver license, you cannot use the highways. That is the rule, regardless of where you reside. If you are from Germany, you are expected to show your German driver license. If you are from California, your California license. If you cannot show the police officer a driver license, he probably will haul you to jail. And you could be tied up in court battles for months. Meanwhile, if you continue driving without permission from a governing authority, you'll be stopped by the police and hauled to jail again and again. I know - it happened to me. And it can be frustrating and demoralizing.

Thank God for Jesus Christ who always gives us the victory. He bids us to come follow Him out of the darkness of the world system into His Kingdom - where the burdens are light. When we become citizens and residents of His government, He provides for our every need. He knows we need to travel upon the highways preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. To travel by automobile, we need proper driving papers. He has authorized us, through His representative the Embassy of Heaven Church, to issue driver licenses, vehicle certificates of title, vehicle registrations and registration plates to all those who claim residency with Him. Now we need not prostitute ourselves with foreign governments to obtain driving documents. Heaven meets our need.

We also provide the HEAVEN VEHICLE CODE - the driving manual for Heaven's residents. It includes Definitions, Rules of the Road, Administrative Provisions and Code of Conduct. Compare this Code with the code you are currently operating under. While other vehicle codes bind men to volumes and volumes of men's rules and regulations, Heaven's code frees men to move in true liberty.

Once we are equipped with a Heaven driver license and Heaven registration plates on the car, we have removed the cause for a police officer to stop us and haul us to jail. But more importantly, we have severed the licensing tie with the world order. We need not suffer condemnation under the volumes and volumes of men's laws. We have been set free by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Live, then, as a free man, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil; but live as a servant of God.

1 Peter 2:16.


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